Choosing your Wattage: Solar and Wind Power

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Choosing your Wattage: Solar and Wind Power

With the declining prices in both solar and wind power, as well as continued investment from countries, and organizations around the world, there has never been a better time to purchase and setup your own green energy system. If you still haven't calculated what wattage you need, check out our article here for some tips and guides!

Step 2:

The next step on your green energy journey is to decide both the wattage that fits your budget, and how you'll be generating that power (Solar, Wind, or a combination of the two). The decision made here will impact the remaining steps, including the type of controller you'll need, the size and amount of the batteries you'll be able to keep charged (and by extension, how long you can power your home if no further power is generated, for whatever reason), as well as the size of the inverter that you will want to power your home.

We offer several full kits that include solar power, wind power, or a combination of both found here, with some kits including either the necessary controller, inverter or both.

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