About Us

  Starting out of Alberta, Canada,  we are working to bring the latest solar and wind power innovations that save energy, help you go green at an affordable price, while being both practical and useful in our day to day lives. By providing affordable, expandable products, you can begin taking advantage of the green revolution on your budget.

   As we grow, we plan to bring even more customized products online that will allow you to incorporate reliable green energy in to your home, camper/boat, cabins, or other property, while meeting your budget and requiring minimal installation (both in expertise and cost).

   With the world shifting to a more sustainable future, we want to be part of it through not only the products we provide, but by providing well researched articles and how to's, being added to our blog regularly to answer the everyday questions of those looking at green energy in an open and transparent way.

If you have any questions, are looking to become a dealer/supplier, or just want to inquire about some specific idea/project you have, please contact us at contact@trendlysolar.com