12V 1.5W Standard Epoxy Solar Panels - Polycrystalline DIY for Arts & Crafts, Chargers, and Green Energy Systems

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Great for Arts & Crafts, DIY devices, or covering odd/uneven surfaces to extend the total solar power of your system. Easily chain them together for even more power! The limit is your imagination with these high efficiency solar panels.

Provide Power for:

  • Dog houses, bird houses, or other small structures that need minimal power
  • Create your own solar chargers
  • Setup your own lighting system
  • Any arts and craft where you need a way to constantly recharge batteries, or provide consistent power during the day

Power: 1.5W
Voltage: 12V
Material: Polycrystalline
Size: 115x85mm
Weight: 38g

Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipping depending on your delivery country