54 LED Solar Charged Waterproof Solar Lights with 120 Degree Wide Angle Motion Sensor - 3 Modes for Outdoor/Garden

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  • Efficient Illumination

       54 LED solar-powered lights provide a wider angle of lighting. Brighter than other                similar LED solar lights in the market.

  • IP65 Waterproof

       Made of durable ABS material, it is fully waterprrof and able to withstand all kinds of            weather conditions

  • Unique Wide Angle Sensor

       Can detect movement from 10 to 26 feet at up to 120 degree angle, covering much              more area then similiar motion sensor lights.

  • 3 Intelligent Light Modes

       Waterproof motion sensor light comes with adjustable Medium Light Mode, Dim Light          Sensor Mode and Sensor Mode to meet your demands.

  • Easy Mounting

       Simply mount LED solar motion sensor light on the wall with included screws. The                ideal installation height is around 8.2 feet. 

  • Higher Power Efficiency

       Up to 17% photovoltaic conversion rate achieves efficient charging. 


Adjustable Light Modes

1.  Medium Light Mode: Charge during the day, auto turn on medium light in darkness or at night. The lighting time is ~ 4-6 hours after fully charged for 7-8 hours in the sun. 

2.  Dim Light Sensor Mode: Auto turn on dim light in darkness or at night when no motion is detected, only 24 LED will light up. All LEDs will be enabled when motion is detected, lasting about 17-20 seconds, before once more returning to dim light

3.  Sensor Mode:  Auto turn on bright light in darkness or at night when motion is detected, lasting about 17-20 seconds, before turning off if no further motion is detected


Simple Installation

Compact and durable design makes it easy to mount on any surface. Mounting screws are provided.

Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery depending on shipping country