LED Lantern, USB, & Solar Rechargeable Collapsible Light - Waterproof

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Great Addition to any Outdoor Gear
Solar powered, lightweight, water resistant, this LED lantern prepares you for any outdoor adventures, e.g. camping, hiking, traveling and fishing anytime, anywhere, and in any weather.


All in One
A solar camping lamp, a SOS flashlight and a power bank are too much to carry on the go? Now you can have them all in this ONE ultra-compact outdoor gadget.


1.Three Lighting Modes: Choose low-brightness or high-brightness depending on your needs, or use SOS flashing mode for any emergencies.


2.Environmentaly Friendly: Using renewable solar power instead of AAA/AA batteries, keep it green while keeping your pack weight down


3.Travel Light: Collapsible design and 190g weight make it perfect to carry around for any outdoor activities


4.Two Charging Methods: With a solar panel and a built-in rechargeable battery, this camping light can be charged either under direct sunlight or via a normal Micro USB cable.


5.More than a Lantern: With 800mAh battery, you can not only use it as a LED lamp but also a power bank to charge your mobile devices on the go



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